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4 Games For Dogs To Challenge Its Word Activity And Memory

Home Is Where The Bark Is 4 Games For Dogs That The Hole Family Can Get Involved Doing,

Try Them Out!


Name Game

Dogs generally learn their name early on in puppyhood. That is proof that dogs do understand verbal communication. Just as babies and children learn words by being spoken to and the repetition of words, so do dogs. Along with calling your dog’s name, refer to other friends and family members by their names as well. Then, you are ready to treat your dog to this fun game.

If you have another person to play this game with, that is ideal. Preparations for this game begin before the actual game itself. Call that person by the name you wish the dog to know him or her by. Some dog parents refer to themselves as “Mommy” and “Daddy” and others go by given names or other endearing names. So, after you have familiarized him with the name of the person, you can incorporate this game.

Sit alongside the other person and ask your dog, “Where’s Mommy?” (or the name of the person beside you). Have the person call him over or get his attention. When he comes, give him a treat or loads of affection. Then, you can ask him where you are and do the same to encourage him to come to you. Reward him for getting it right. Now it’s time to have him go back and forth as you call a name. Add even more people to the mix and your pup is learning names in addition to verbal and social skills.


Left and Right

Hold a treat to the right side of your dog’s head and say “right”. He will automatically turn to the right and you can release the treat to him then, reinforcing the word “right.” Do the same with the left side. Each time you walk him, have him turn right and say “right” and the same for turning left. Then you can begin to ask him to go in the direction you say without prompting him. For that, he will get a big reward, for sure.

Teach  Your Dog a Foreign Language

Learn common commands in a foreign language and say them to your pup instead of the English words he is familiar with. You can alternate the foreign words with English words if you don’t want him to forget his native language.

Just a fun fact: It is common for police dogs to take their orders in German or another language so that criminals don’t understand the commands they are being given. Your dog will be learning with the best of them!


Beef for your best buddy!


Activity Words

When taking your dog for a walk, say the word “walk.” When going for a ride in the car, say, “ride.” Every time you take part in an activity with your dog, be it brain games, a walk, a ride, feeding him or anything else, state the word.

For this game, you will say the word for an activity. Encourage him to get ready for the said activity. If you have said the word “walk,” have him fetch the leash. If you have said the word “ride,” has his head to the front door or, if you are outside, to the car. When he gets the activity correct, praise him and give him a treat AND he gets to actually take part in the activity, too, like go for a ride or a walk.

Keep in mind that verbal auditory awareness skills are shared by both humans and canines. It is a special connection between the two that make the bond we have with our dog even stronger.


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