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3 Steps For A Better Marketing Campaign For More Customers


3 Steps I Use For A Better Marketing Campaign For More Customers That Will Stay With You

For Years To Come.

You need more customers, start by communicating with new prospects.

Here is what I use to build my mailing list that will stay with you for years to come.

These 3 companies are very good. I’ve used them, my customers use them.




Step #1

Go to, Namecheap

Great place to purchase your domain. I use this company. It includes one year of Whois.

Whois is a service that protects all your personal info on the internet when you pay for your domain.

This is very important, do a Whois search if you don’t believe me.

I also use Namecheap for housing aka server, my website using WordPress.

WordPress is a more time-consuming way to build a website.

You want an easy way go to #2

Step #2

Go to Duda a super easy professional website builder.  

You will add your new domain here.
Start setting up your website for as low as $19-$29 per month.
Annual plans are at $7.13 to $11.25 per month.


Step #3

Than to Get Response.

All in one online marketing platform to grow your business,

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinars
I paid $30 total, $15 for 1000 emails and $15 for landing pages when I started.

More visibility and conversions using

Get Response

  • Make your sales landing pages more attractive by using embedded videos. Easily add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard.

  • Instantly add a tab on your Facebook page. Add social sharing icons to your landing page and let your visitors share it with others.

  • Encourage immediate shopping decisions by adding the PayPal “buy now” button and enjoy increased sales and orders.

So you have,

  1. Bought your domain name.
  2. Placed your domain name into a professional easy to use website for your business.
  3. Use your landing pages, email marketing, and marketing automation.

Doing these steps makes a very good foundation to jump start your business from.


*Extra Tips* 

You use your Get Response link, every landing page has its own link or website address.  Use this link for your social media when posting, website, forums etc. Anywhere you post or use the interest to talk about your great product or what you do. This is an amazing way to start your email lists that are priceless and timeless.

  1. Offer something to your prospects they like and use.
  2. They place their email on your landing pages.
  3. Then they will receive the email with your offer.
  4. Then your mailing list grows.
  5. Everyone is happy.


Don’t have the time or want to do this yourself.

This is a very simple way, very effective and is not expensive. You can do it yourself or hire people when you don’t have to time at Outsourcely .

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Therefore we need to clearly understand an important concept: a good product or service is a customer retention tool. If we give our customers a great product or service experience they’ll buy more from us, they’ll refer other people to us and build up the brand through positive word of mouth. However, before customer retention, we need to think about customer acquisition (AKA marketing). The most successful entrepreneurs always start with marketing.


Hope this information serves you wisely. Take Care. 🙂

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